Southern Express Coach
Southern Express Coach

Charter Services we provide

  • Cruise ship transfers to all major Cruise Line ports
  • Charter bus service transportion for large and small groups
  • Sporting Events and Organizations
  • Airport Group shuttles
  • Casino Trips

Safety of our passengers is a high priority and so when planning your next trip we always follow the following safety rules required by the Department of Transportation (DOT).


DOT rules require all drivers to hold a valid CDL (Commercial Drivers License). For the safety of our drivers and others, Southern Express Coach strictly enforces the US Department of Transportation's regulation 395.10, which restricts a driver's duty time. The rule has three components:

1) 10 hours rule: A driver cannot drive more than 10 hours following eight (8) consecutive hours off-duty (adverse driving conditions and verifiable emergency situations are excepted).

2) 15 hours rule: After 15 hours on- duty (this includes driving and on-duty, non-driving time) a driver cannot continue driving until completion of eight (8) consecutive hours off duty

3) 70 hours rule: On-duty time cannot exceed 70 hours for any period of eight (8) consecutive days.


Please go to the Contact Us page on this website to send us a quote. Mobile device users must click on the webview below to submit a quote. We are ready to serve your bus transportation needs.

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